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Leadership Development Series

(Seven monthly sessions of four hours with 10 –12 participants per cluster)

This leadership development program has been successfully conducted at numerous corporate sites with outstanding results.  The following outline is a starting point as we always customize our programs as client needs dictate.

Most of the material comes from doctoral level leadership courses Dr. Caesar has taught and continues to teach at Pepperdine University.

Our specialty though is customizing leadership programs to fit the team, the organization's culture, the specific results desired, the number in the group(s) and the budget.

Session Description

  1. 1. “The Self Created Life” is a highly motivational proprietary presentation and discussion designed by Dr. Vance Caesar, that has been successfully used with thousands of individuals facing career and life transitions. This session’s discussion is aimed at helping each participant accept they are the leader of their own life and that there are relatively easy to understand and easy to use basics that build the foundation.

    Benefits include each individual having the tools and some practice using each as they learn how to can create their own life mission, life vision and goals, while integrating these into their career and work plans.

    Distributed during this session:  “What Makes a Leader?”, “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” and “Who’s Got the Monkey?” (HBR articles) 

  2. 2. Know yourself … then act: Adding to session one, this session includes Individualized Self-Assessments employing a battery of instruments. They include the Meyers-Briggs Temperament Indicator, FIRO-B, a 20 page personalized Styles Preference report and a Life-line exercise, as each individual learns more about themself as they develop tools to better create their own future. This session further lays the ground work for the creation of each person’s life plan and career plan, giving him/her more power to create their own future.
    Benefits include a well-equipped client who is positioned to better take charge of their own life, and to better serve their organization and themselves with less stress and effort.  

  3. 3. Strengthening interpersonal skills for improved results: Interpersonal (one-on-one) relationship competencies are further developed with each participant using their own FIRO-B and the twenty page personalized Styles Preference results introduced during session three. The participant’s relationships with his/her most important five to ten “stakeholders” is discussed and scored on our  “Stakeholder Scoreboard”. The reason each of these stakeholder relationships is crucial to the participant’s career success is presented and discussed to a point where each participant has improved awareness of the importance of meeting and exceeding each stakeholder’s expectations.

    Benefits include increased empathy (a critical element of Emotional Intelligence, which is introduced during this session) for where their crucial relationships are and how to better manage each toward more control and success for the individual and his/her career. These tools have been very helpful to high potential participants as they increase their probability of success on their current as well as on their future jobs. 

  4. 4. Leadership Development for better results with less effort: One-on-one and team leadership skills are further developed for each participant who finds himself or herself officially or unofficially responsible for others. Using the best selling book: The One Minute Manager (a personal copy is given to each participant) improved interpersonal skills are further developed while practicing how to reinforce the behaviors you want more of and replacing those you want less of. Goal setting techniques and SMART goals are introduced and practiced as participant’s interpersonal leadership skills are further honed as he/she becomes better able to produce improved results while creating a career path of their choosing.

    Benefits include more self-confident and better prepared individuals as each participant produces improved results at their current job, therefore strengthening their ability to create more and better career options for himself or herself. 

  5. 5. Team Development skills toward on-going performance improvements: All of us work in teams. These team leadership skills building session uses the companion book to the one used in session four. This session’s text is the best seller: The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams is given to each participant. This easy to read and powerful hard cover book is used by thousands to better serve on teams and to better lead them. 

    Self-analysis of each participant’s team’s performance and how he/she could personally further improve that team’s performance is the first half of this session. 

    The second half focuses on what leadership style is best based on the stage of the team’s development, and how to further perfect your leadership techniques appropriate for each stage.

    Benefits include a group leadership workshop based on further strengthening the participant’s ability to recognize different group situations and to better provide appropriate leadership in each situation. This will better prepare him/her to immediately add value on his/her current position and to better compete for future supervisory, managerial and executive positions. 

  6. 6. Political Power: Get it or Lose it … is the initial focus of this sixth session in this powerful series on self development for those confronting unusually high levels of change in their work and their career. Using an easy to understand list of the most effective ways powerful people gain and use political power in any organization, this highly interactive session helps participants get more of what they want for their department, their organization and for themselves, while reducing the risk in using power building techniques we see all around us. 

    Included in this session’s handouts is an article written by Dr. Caesar that was published in “Priorities... The Journal of Professional and Personal Success”, a Franklin-Covey publication. 

    The second half of this session is a comprehensive integration of this series into an action step commitment module, resulting in on-going personal and professional development for each participant.

    Benefits include increased awareness of how to get more of what you want for your department, your company and your career while integrating all of the previously covered material into an action plan committed to publicly. 

  7. 7. This last session focuses on the action steps each participant wants to achieve following the completion of his/her 360-degree surveys completed during the sixth month of the series. Following a group discussion of each participant’s 360 results, individualized one-on-one review sessions with Dr. Caesar are completed as personalized leadership development plans are created and shared with the participant’s boss, for review, agreement and monitoring the rest of this unique year of professional growth.

    Benefits include fresh and anonymous feedback on how each participant’s leadership is perceived by each person important to the participant’s success as a leader. This feedback is the basis of the structuring of a totally individualized and a highly leveraged learning plan for each participant as continuous leadership learning becomes ingrained into his/her career.

Included with this series is personalized one-on-one coaching. Dr. Caesar and his colleagues are uniquely qualified to assist participants in their integrating this material into their careers and lives, as they become even better at self-leadership.