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Team Happiness

Meet Happy Money's Executive Coach, Vance Caesar, Ph.D.

As he transitioned out of a successful business career, nearly 27 years ago, Vance Caesar took inventory of his own skills and gifts, wondering how he could best put them to use in the next chapter of his life. He thought about the coaches he'd had over the years, and how throughout his life-from his days as a football player to those as a senior executive and entrepreneur, coaching and mentorship had paid huge dividends. He also knew that coaching others was his "go-to way of making a difference in the world" and that most high-achieving people, across a wide range of fields, had coaches and mentors. And so, his coaching business was born, built on a goal to help leaders find more success and happiness for themselves and their organizations.

Over that time, he's worked with clients ranging from Facebook and Pay Pal to Toyota and Boeing to Edwards Lifesciences in Orange County, and for the past few years, Happy Money. "I help gifted leaders like Scott [Saunders] be all that they can be, both professionally and personally," he says. Saunders and Caesar connected several years ago, and Caesar has supported Saunders on his journey to build a company that's truly based on the values by which he lives his life.

The result, says Caesar, is a company "positioned to change people's relationships with money, which will change their relationships with themselves." He's worked not only with Saunders but with other members of the leadership team as well, supporting them in their commitment to provide tools for happiness. Here's why he believes that Happy Money is a "game-changer."

Vance Caesar