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Men's and women's leadership weekends for managers and leaders committed to further strengthening their results professionally, personally and inter personally, these two and a half day intensives are high R.O.I. experiences we've constantly updated over the 17 years they've been offered.

Conducted at a remarkable mountain retreat center in Southern California, these offer time for high quality Reviewing, Renewing and Recommitting for participants interested in being even happier as they achieve even more of what they truly want.

Many participants use these retreats as a supplement to their one-on-one coaching. That is why these are by invitation only.

"I was so fortunate to be included in your Women's Leadership weekend.  I don't think I have updated you on exactly what happened after I returned.  If I have, please just realize that your influence remains.

When we told 'our story' I chose to have mine recorded.  The recorder was started, I did my blah, blah, blah and my pause and a click signified the end of the recording. That was supposedly 'My Story - - by Sandra Printer'!!

Before I left Idyllwild to come home, I realized that I no longer was what was recorded on the cassette tape.  I was so much more and all that I said was really insignificant in light of who I really am!  I could hardly wait to get home.  I don't recall whether it was Sunday or the following day, but I knew I wanted to destroy the tape.  I grabbed the pair of scissors and made the one strategically chosen cut, which really would have been enough.  I know there is no one sifting through our dumpster trying to piece together either Hoshi's or my story, however, that one cut was not enough.  I kept pulling out the tape and cutting -  probably slicing that long strip into hundreds of tiny pieces.  I knew I was no longer all that stuff!  And best part is - - I do know who I really am - - thanks to your coaching and encouragement.  My actions with the scissors and tape were so significant to me that I can feel that feeling of freedom to this day.     

So I thank you so much for your huge contribution to my growth.  Perhaps others have dramatic stories, but my slicing and dicing the tape really did it for me!

"I was VERY fortunate to be invited to participate on this incredible journey. I can’t put into words the experience I had with the Men’s Leadership retreat up in Idyllwild. Vance’s devotion to spread “abundance” in all the meanings of the word is contagious. On Friday afternoon, you embark on a journey with 14 total strangers. By Sunday afternoon, you leave Idyllwild with 14 Best Friends, Best Buddies, Best Brothers, and mostly important: 14 fellow Tribe Leaders. Leaders that will go back to their own communities and spread the abundance and help others to become Tribe Leaders as well. Our Tribe connects bimonthly and we keep each other accountable to our goals, and our personal missions. Right there, that was just one of the hundreds of amazing benefits I personally received: the gift of 14 friends. Also, another important benefit I received from the retreat was the discovery and realization of my mission in this life: I try to put in practice the lessons learned with everybody around me and trying to spread the “abundance”, just like a ripple effect, creating a better life and world all around me. I can’t wait to be invited to another one. It has changed my life. Thanks Vance for this AMAZING opportunity you offered me. I won't forget."

- Leonardo Montenegro

"Working with Vance has been an incredible privilege. Before I met him, I had an idea of what I wanted but I lacked specificity and purposefulness on how to get there. Spending time with Vance helped me figure out exactly what I wanted out of life and my relationships. Vance has an incredible gift for making leaders feel comfortable with their own story and for bringing clarity to complex life and work issues. With his guidance, I have a new perspective and commitment to personal and professional growth and leadership."

- Dr. Lee

"Each time I participate in one of VCG's leadership retreats, I come away with three things: a clear sense of my purpose, a vision for the next phase of my life, and wonderful friends to support me in my journey. To top it off, I get to support them, too! The beauty and serenity of Idyllwild provides a perfect setting for reflection and re-energizing. Vance's insightful facilitation, along with the sharing and support of the other retreat participants, creates a safe and open environment to explore and envision what's next. Drawing a picture of my vision has been a particularly beneficial exercise at these annual retreats. That picture becomes a gratitude prayer, serving as a daily reminder of what I'm moving toward and how I'm being helped along the way. What a gift!"

Janey Roeder
Managing Director
Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership at CSULB

“Earlier this year I had the honor of spending a full weekend with a group of amazing women, perfect strangers on Friday, and feeling like I have known them all my life by Sunday. That is how intense and enriching the retreats in Idyllwild are. With the help of Vance’s amazing ability to make everybody feel so comfortable, it was so easy to share our stories and get deeply involved in others’. The process is very powerful to help reframe, forgive, appreciate and ultimately dream up how you want your story to be told next time. I look forward to another retreat, my story is much different now!”

- Andy

"First, I am deeply honored to be asked for my opinion and recommendation for VCG Men’s Retreat October 2012. Overall I found the Men’s Retreat a unique and special opportunity for a respite from the everyday stresses which seem to inject themselves into our professional and personal relationships. It’s been said, “it’s all about relationships” and the Men’s Retreat gave all of us the opportunity to “renew and review” the concepts and ideas captured in the “The Authentic Leader.” Dedicated time away from the everyday issues each of us struggle with, those same issues that sometimes pull us away from concentrating on what is really important in our lives. This introspective weekend really forced all of us to look hard at what really inspires and drives our everyday lives.

For me, it was a chance to “be selfish” and indulge myself in what really “makes me tick.” Coupled with the fantastic California mountain landscape, and a hike to the top of one of those mountains! It was simply one of those weekends my Dad called “a keeper weekend” meaning, I will take the memories with me for the rest of my days!

The phrases that come to mind, “once in a lifetime,” “truly inspirational,” “amazing opportunity to find one’s self,” “chance to look inside what makes me tick,” and “memories that will stay with me for the rest of my days.”

- Thomas Innocenti III