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Corporate Groups

Increasing leadership results program for multiple participants with the same organization

Supporting leaders wanting stronger results and the tools to support other leaders doing the same, while creating and sustaining the fulfilling life each deserves

Kickoff two and half day Weekend Retreat: Trust is built while focusing on strengthening each individual's purpose and business results/career/life plan (1st draft) while using comprehensive "self" and "other" assessments

Annual two and a half day "Review, Renew and Recommit" weekend retreat following bi-weekly customized leadership/performance strengthening sessions of two hours either by phone or face-to-face (if a flight is required, airfare and travel time is billed separately)

Instrument Results:

    • MBTI
    • FIRO-B
    • S.I.
    • EQi
    • Lifeline
    • Top 10 Beliefs upon which you are living, learning and growing
    • Picture of now and then (including your 60th Birthday Toast)
    • StrengthsFinder 2.0 (results and implications)
    • 360 Narrative and LPI plans or results


    • StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath
    • Leadership From the Inside Out by Kevin Cashman
    • Art of Living by Epictetus
    • The High Achiever’s Guide to Happiness by Vance Caesar and Carol Ann Caesar
    • The Four Agreements by Don Ruiz
    • Be Your Own Brand by David McNally and Karl D. Speak
    • Uncommon Career Success by Vance Caesar, Ph.D.

Articles/Book Summaries:

    •  “What Makes a Leader” by (HBR)
    • “Leadership That Gets Results” by (HBR)
    • “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey with Rebecca Merrill
    • “Managing Authenticity” by (HBR)
    • “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman
    • "Authentic Happiness" by Martin Seligman
    • "Who's Got the Monkey" by (HBR)
    • "Discovering Your Authentic Leadership" by (HBR)
    • "Be Your Own Brand" by David McNally and Karl D. Speak (getAbstract)
    • "Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time" by (HBR)
    • “How Will Your Measure Your Life?” by Clayton Christensen
    • “The Secret Handshake” by Kathleen Kelley Reardon, Ph.D. (getAbstract)
    • “The One Minute Manager” by Kenneth H. Blanchard


    • "It’s In Every One of Us"
    • "Who Moved My Cheese"
    • "Power of Positive Vision"
    • "Joshua in a Box"
    • "Seeing Red Cars"
    • "The Strangest Secret"
    • “How will you Measure Your Life”
    • “Change Your Words, Change Your World”
    • “Everyday Creativity”
    • “Before You Die”
    • “Find What You Love”
    • “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”
    • “First Why, Then Trust”
    • “Stop it”
    • “Excelling for Leaders”
    • “The Power of Vulnerability”
    • “Make Meaning in Your Company”

Discussion Topics:

    • Happy High Achiever's Scoreboard
    • Questions asked:  Who are you? How did you get to become who you are? And what did you learn along the way? 

                        Invited to list top ten: Loves, Fear, Gifts and Consequential Beliefs

    • It’s all about relationships:  how to assure you are creating relationships where both parties are getting more than they are giving
    • Our choices come from the stories influential people tell about you as you earn their trust. Stakeholder Scoreboard and its use
    • Meaningful work and getting paid abundantly in the most important currencies
    • Ethics: Yours as a leader
    • Branding yourself toward optimizing your value
    • Roles we play at work and their implications
    • Roles we play in life, how they are prioritized and the grade we’re earning in each
    • Creating and committing to a career/business plan toward extraordinary results
    • Relationship Poisons
    • First Things First (vital and urgent) time management tool


 Individualized curriculum for each participant's unique needs

 Daily accessibility for emergency situations