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"G" Group


  • Helping leaders create more fulfilling and more successful careers/businesses while giving them the tools to support others doing the same.
  • Creating and sustaining high trust and purposeful relationships that often add value for a lifetime.


  • Four to six 8-12 hour meetings annually hosted by participants in myriad settings.
  • Real-time members’ cases comprise most of each meeting. This offers learning from the lives of your fellow G-group members and from the knowledge they transfer to you and vice versa.
  • “Best practice” curriculum, possibly supplemented with visiting experts.
  • Preferential invitations to an annual two day/night weekend retreat for reviewing, renewing and recommitting to being the person each wants to be. Note: these options are also available to the member’s spouse/partner.
  • Preferred invitations to all other VCG, Inc. events.

Additional Benefits:

  • A pause, which probably would never happen if you weren’t scheduling attendance to your G-group events.
  • Friendships (sometimes for life) that contribute to reducing stress and getting you through the toughest times.
  • Accountability toward accelerating your life where you want to grow.
  • 24/7 phone access to Vance and others in your G-group community.

Core Commitments:

  • Unquestioned confidentiality (what is said in the group stays in the group).
  • Respect, including being transparent, courageous, supportive and committed to personal/professional growth, while keeping promises to ourselves and to each other.
  • The group is purposeful as defined by the group and periodically updated.

Membership Criteria:

  • Proven ability to keep the above commitments.
  • Able to fully engage in the kick-off weekend retreat if joining a newly forming group.
  • Actively engaged in this program with no more than two meeting absences per calendar year, unless another norm is adopted by your group.
  • Present and discuss annually, a Life Plan and a Career/Business Plan with milestones that can be supported and monitored by the leader and the group, unless another norm is adopted by your group.

Vance’s Role:

  • Help the group to form, norms and perform at the highest levels of R.O.I., trust, fun and purposefulness.
  • Encourage deep transparency, outstanding courage and a constant commitment from each member to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Administratively support each meeting chair as they design and produce a rich and creative meeting with content, venue, food and spirit that facilitates consistent meeting success.
  • Plan, organize and host myriad no fee events and learnings to which G-group members receive preferred invitations.
  • Connect members with other influentials toward optimizing each member’s G-group R.O.I.
  • Be available for personal conversations via phone and email 24/7 and at special times, in-person as scheduled by Nicole or Colleen.

How G-groups compare?

  • Group learning from highly respected and respectful co-learners like offered from YLO, WPO, TEC, Vistage, C-12, Convene, True-North circles and Lean-in circles, etc. The G-group format has almost 20 years of proven ROI, in part because G-group fees are substantially less than half of comparable models. We create and support G-groups because it is our calling or purpose. It’s our way to leave our world better than we found it.

Thank you for learning about the G-group Program. Please call The Vance Caesar Group if you have any questions.

The Vance Caesar Group



"Engaging into G-6 was an outgrowth of a career and life changing experience that came from being a member in Edwards LIfesciences' Leaders' Forum in 2012. Being a part of G-6 has created a set of colleagues and partners that support my growth and walk with me through the challenges we all face. Since my involvement with Vance and G-6 I have seen my self awareness, purpose, income, and happiness greatly enhanced. Most importantly, I have discovered more about my calling and the importance of a practice of gratefulness. G-6 has provided a forum for candid feedback and shared insight. G-6 is built on a foundation of mutual dedication to each others outcomes. Through it, I discovered answers that were within through the courage to ask the great questions inside."

- Jeff

"Through the sponsorship of my supportive manager at my last job, I was very fortunate to join Vance’s YLO group. I gained so much from the transformative experience that I later joined a newly-formed G group to continue my journey with an amazing group of high achievers and leaders, as well as coaching from Vance.

One of many valuable tools I learned was the power of creating vision. I have always wanted to live in Costa Rica. Two years ago, I finally realized my vision. Leaving a stable career and starting from scratch wasn’t easy, but it is all worthwhile; now I own a growing business that I love. I am excited about my work every day while living my dream.

Through G group and Vance’s coaching, I have the tools to pursue the fulfilling life that I want. My G group members and I help each other to keep ourselves accountable for our growth. We have built a strong bond of trust, and we give honest and invaluable advice to each other.

Now that I live in Costa Rica, I still commute back to my G group meetings. Vance and my G group members are instrumental companions on my journey. I look forward to having them with me for my future milestones in my life and career.”

- Kennis

“After finishing with my YLO experience, having the opportunity to join a G-group was a deliberate gift to myself so I can continue to go deeper in this journey of self-exploration, of becoming the best person I can be. There are many things that I love and enjoy about the G-group experience, but the most salient are the relationships that get forged, the scheduled “pause” that is provides, and the enlightening experience that its question-based format drives-not only we get support going through our own questions, but we get enriched by other people’s questions, that are usually everybody’s questions."

- Andy