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What Others Say

"Dear Vance,

Thank you for trusting me with your wisdom, thank you for helping me find my purpose and thus now feel as though I'm alive and contributing goodness to a world which at time seems dark."

            - Yolanda

"Dear Vance,

Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable and inspiring class. I feel I am coming away not only better connected to my fellow classmates, but also a more confident and capable leader. You are an inspiration to all of us, and I look forward to staying in touch and seeing you at one of the many great events that you organize."

            - Greg K


Thank you for your leadership, guidance, insight and wisdom. Now I think about my purpose every day and how I lead with purpose. You will always be that bug in my ear – for the better!"

            - Heather B

"Vance has provided me with more than just coaching. He had been a mentor, a friend, and an invaluable resource for personal and professional growth. I have gained the necessary knowledge and guidance to successfully open a new medical practice and more importantly, I have gained the insight to continue on the path of professional and personal growth. Vance is the creme de la creme of coaches."
            - Jeff, C.E.O. and M.D.

"Vance was the single most significant influence and resource in my transition from international banker to executive coach . . . eight successful years ago."
            - Agnes, International Executive Coach

"From working with Vance, I have truly learned about myself. He helped me to maximize my strengths, improve my weaknesses and understand my true character and purpose. He has an amazing ability to listen and truly understand my personal and professional issues in order to guide me to ask myself the appropriate questions. Vance always talks about "Happy High Achievers." Before working with Vance, I would characterize myself as just a High Achiever. With his coaching, I'm closer to becoming a "Happy High Achiever."
            - Charlie, Board Member of myriad companies

" A little over 3 years ago eight of us formed a group to explore the pathways to increased happiness in the second half of life. By most standards the members of our group would be considered successful, but we were all looking for that indefinable "missing something." Vance has been our moderator, guide, and role model for these past 3 years, emphasizing the central role that vision and purpose play in finding the path to increased happiness and fulfillment. Working together with Vance, and using his Happy High Achiever model as a starting point, I have developed a unique framework for thinking about my life and what's really important. I am still looking hard for my "trail," and although after 3 years it is only faintly visible on the forest floor, I am confident I am headed in the right direction. Thank you Vance for helping me change my life, and for being such a good friend."
            - Mike, C.E.O.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your Leadership Development Series with our group here. The self-analysis, insights and overall tenor of the trainings has been uniquely insightful and I feel very energized after every class. I have been using many of the techniques to help inspire my team to increase their professional and personal growth. Here are some examples of your teachings and the results.

August 2008, My team hit 102% of budget, but only two people achieved their individual goal. Using the trainings you have provided, I committed to the team to use all resources available to give them the tools to succeed. Using the 6 steps of Coaching, the entire team hit their individual goals and overall we were 146% to budget in October 2008.

During the November Executive meetings for Admissions, I did a presentation to my peers on the methods and results. I was assigned 2 Directors to mentor for the January 2009 term.

Director 1, 8 out of 9 representatives hit budget and the team did 140% of budget...also set a record for the highest individual start in their Campus history

Director 2, all 6 representatives hit budget, 141% of budget

My team, 7 out of 9 representatives hit budget and we were 126% of budget

I purchased copies of "Who Moved My Cheese" and "Peaks and Valleys". My entire team is reading them and they will be required reading for all new hires as well.

Your insightful subject matter and unique delivery are amazing...I wish we could have you longer!"
            - Brian M. Willingham

"On behalf of WRC-NAPGCM, we would like to thank you for the invaluable teachings and wisdom you shared with the attendees at the WRC-NAPGCM Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. We have already received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding your general session presentation. It was incredibly relevant, timely and helpful. We hope to have you present again soon. Thank you again for your time and knowledge."
            - Tracy