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Why We Work - (Job Currencies)

   I.         Legacy – or a higher purpose that could include:

o   Improving the human condition

o   Stopping us from losing something that’s crucial to a good life

o   Building up something that’s important

o   A spiritual calling


    II.         Relationships with powerful people that when we’ve earned enough trust give us a chance to make more of a difference or to have greater influence in the world


  III.         Relationships we enjoy like great friends, a feeling of fraternal closeness, a feeling of high trust and inter-dependence


   IV.         Remuneration: money in any form


     V.         Fun that could include:

o   Affirmation or (scoring and being on top of the scoreboard)

o   An energizing place to be


   VI.         Brand/reputation that gives us more resume and political/social power


 VII.         Learning and Growing as we become better prepared to create more success and happiness


VIII.         Lifestyle including a life that is:

o   Family centric

o   Faith centric

o   Health centric

o   Adventure centric


Reference: The Vance Caesar Group, 2016