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Ten Roles We Play “Daily”

I.         * Lead: earning followers through:

A.    Authority

B.    Expertise

C.    Respect (reverent power)

    II.         * Manage: controlling resources to deliver expected results with the right quality, speed, cost and learning.

  III.         Do: activities that we “do”

  IV.         Mentor: Offer-trusted advice around the mentee’s interests

    V.         * Coach: a results partner who usually asks:

A.    Where (or who) are you?

B.    Where (or who) do you want to be?

C.    What is your plan to get (be) there?

D.    How can I help you hold yourself accountable enough to create enough success?

E.    What resources (including relationships) can I best bring to your journey?

  VI.         Learner

VII.         * Teacher: transferring data, information, understanding, usefulness and perhaps wisdom

VIII.         * Therapist: Assisting in healing and reframing

  IX.         * Mediating: Connecting disparate positions or beliefs as with A.D.R. (alternative dispute resolution) as a focus in many schools of law

    X.         Facilitator – process centric taught to professionals retained to help meetings best achieve their results  

Related terminal degree (Ph.D. or law degree) . . . emphasizing the competence’s distinctiveness of each of these roles

Source: The Vance Caesar Group 2016