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Get By Giving

There are four kinds of people:

  1. Givers who give with self interest and feel good simply by the act of giving are getting more by giving. They “get-to” give. They give purposefully.
  2. Givers who give out of obligation and duty want to check off the fact that they did their giving for now. They’ve “got-to” give. Their giving uses energy. Ultimately, they feel empty.
  3. Takers are constantly on the prowl to get.
  4. Matchers keep score and are disappointed almost always when what they have given has not been at least equally reciprocated. Their quid-pro-quo score keeping comes from fear.

Recent research by Wharton’s Adam Grant, shows that the first group (givers who give with self interest) congregate around the top 10% of successful and happy people.

A good reminder to all of us. Give because we “get-to.”

Happy Holidays,